The purpose of JOEBAYFISHING.ORG is to collect and share information on the quality of fishing and visitor experiences in the newly-established catch-and-release, no motor zone in Joe Bay and Snag Bay.  We encourage you to create an account on this website and download the associated app, and contribute to improving our understanding of this first and only catch-and-release zone in the Everglades National Park.  Information about the quality of your fishing experiences and visits are critical to managing and protecting this area.

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Beginning in November 2016, Everglades National Park opened Joe Bay, and adjacent Snag Bay, to the public for the first time in 35 years. The area allows non-motorized boating and becomes the park's first catch-and-release fishing area. Click for map of the Joe Bay area (add map link for the map that was sent out with press release). 

Joe Bay has been closed to public access to 1980 as part of the ‘Crocodile Sanctuary’ and its reopening is part of the park’s 2015 Final General Management Plan. Joe Bay is located in northeastern Florida Bay in Everglades National Park and is of critical importance to the Everglades, serving as the main as the main freshwater source to Florida Bay.

Information about the quality of fishing and overall visitor experiences are critical to managing and protecting the Joe Bay area. Florida International University, the Snook and Game Foundation and Everglades National Park have partnered to collect valuable information on angling and visitor experiences in Joe Bay. We ask that if you fish Joe Bay, you report your catch and tell us about your visitor experience using this website!

For questions, please contact us at FISHSCIENCE@FIU.EDU.