Chesapeake Catch is a project led by Maryland-area anglers who care about conservation to collect and share data about Chesapeake Bay sport fish. 

Download the app and create your online account!

Every line in the water is a chance to make fishing count for more than the moment. Through Chesapeake Catch’s smartphone app and website, you can easily record details and photos of your fish in a personal log and make your catch count in decisions about the conservation and management of some of Maryland’s most popular fish: rockfish (striped bass), redfish (red drum), speckled trout, croaker, yellow perch and shad.

Whether you’re an avid fisher or newbie, Chesapeake Catch allows you to contribute. It also puts you in touch with other anglers to chat and learn. (But no braggin’!)

Chesapeake Catch is a local affiliate of Angler Action, which pioneered a system for collecting data from anglers to inform fishery management in communities nationally. Angler Action first launched in Florida with an app and website for recreational anglers to log data about snook catches which helped inform snook recovery with managers at the Florida Wildlife Commission. 

As fishermen and conservationists, we know that good data makes for good management – and both make for better fishing. This is why we have been working for months to bring Chesapeake Catch directly to the Chesapeake Bay.

We hope you’ll join us in downloading the Chesapeake Catch app and visit the Chesapeake Catch website to track and share your personal logbook of catches. We can all have a voice in better fisheries management. Thanks to Angler Action’s system, it’s simple for us to do.

So don’t forget your smartphones, and we’ll see you out on the water. 


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